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Laughter is considered a genuine emotion enjoyed by all people on a universal level. Both adults and children alike appreciate a fun break from the dullness of everyday routine. This is why Sketch in Motion is dedicated to bringing entertainment to all members of any household. Sketch in Motion aspires to reach a wide range of audience from adults, teenagers, friends, couples and children of all ages through animation and cartooning products with a witty content, humorous tone and stylish artwork.

Established with the vision to create quality-animated productions, Sketch in Motion has uncovered its niche in the market as a creative house that deploys animation to entertainment productions, with an eye on communicating a meaningful message wrapped in witty banter and humor. With spontaneous hilarity, Sketch in Motion addresses real-life circumstances, from issues that arise daily to the most current social situations. Through the unique gift of professionalism wrapped with laughter, Sketch in Motion ties quality production with a meaningful message for all viewers.

Who we are ?

Moaiad Zaidan

Director, Character Animator and Cartoonist

Nawal Adas

Animation Supervisor

Alaa Abdo

Project Manager

Animation Team

How we do it ?

From concept to completion, Sketch in Motion provides a full, in-house approach to entertainment and animation productions.

Story Boarding

Our skilled artists hand-draw the concept and transform it into a comic book version to serve as the blueprint for the action and dialogue. sound effects production in the in-house digital recording studio.

Video editing

The completed project then undergoes strict video editing until the desired completed product is reached.

Voice Recording

Our crew of actors then starts recording, often repeatedly to try out different tones, reading from a script and improvising to add the needed feel. The best reading is then selected and synchronized with character movements.

Concept Idea and Script Writing

Sketch in Motion takes the initial conceptual idea and develops it through a unique implementation process. A creative idea is pitched and developed by the creative team into a full concept.

Characters and Background Design

based on the initial script, storyboards and their own intuitive creativity, our team of artists craft inspirational characters and design the background set, attending to all the intricate details that further reminisce the desired feel.

Animation Production

Our artists then translate the story into animated scenes and choreograph and animate the characters skillfully to relay the story in an animated and artistic form.

Exclusive Background Music and Sound Effects

ProductionThe audio effects are then implemented with voice recording, original music and sound effects production in the in-house digital recording studio.

Follow up

After completion, a monitoring and evaluation process is initiated with audience feedback through telecom interaction, website streaming, etc. This process is implemented to gather statistics on interest and feedback that would assess the impact of the product.



abtal alathar 2019

Al Masageel cartoon Ramadan 2013

Adam Wa Mishmish | Kids Songs

Nahfat Ailetna season 3 15 episodes / 4 minutes

Awareness Smoking clip 3 minutes
"3ial Newiar" Ramadan 2015 on mbc channel

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